Thursday, 15 December 2011

Paper Cut-Out Collage

This was done using black paper and paper that had been sprayed with different colour inks and allowed to blur and mix together on the paper.
It is supposed to resemble a stained glass window. I think the inky paper helps create the same effect.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Collograph Prints


Left - built up with solely cardboard and card.
Right - built up with a range of materials including cardboard, net fabric, string and foam.

Sketch of print block layout & 2 prints on paper.
Zoom of Yellow print above.

Black ink printed onto tracing paper. I also added coloured tissue paper underneath, to define different areas.


White acrylic on black paper, sketch of jug.
I used white paint on black paper because I only wanted to paint the outlines and areas of reflected light.

Right - Inversed Photocopy of Jug.

Bristol Museum Sketch

Pencil Sketch of Lion Statue seen at Bristol Museum.
Development of sketch:
Watercolour Painting.

Stick & Ink

Stick and Ink drawing of Arnolfini with a blue watercolour wash.