Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Collograph Prints


Left - built up with solely cardboard and card.
Right - built up with a range of materials including cardboard, net fabric, string and foam.

Sketch of print block layout & 2 prints on paper.
Zoom of Yellow print above.

Black ink printed onto tracing paper. I also added coloured tissue paper underneath, to define different areas.


White acrylic on black paper, sketch of jug.
I used white paint on black paper because I only wanted to paint the outlines and areas of reflected light.

Right - Inversed Photocopy of Jug.

Bristol Museum Sketch

Pencil Sketch of Lion Statue seen at Bristol Museum.
Development of sketch:
Watercolour Painting.

Stick & Ink

Stick and Ink drawing of Arnolfini with a blue watercolour wash.