Monday, 28 May 2012


For the last term of the year, we explored Ceramics! 

Here are a few things I made...

Cylindrical Vase, made from Red Earthenware Clay with a Clear Glaze on the flower's petals.

Thumb Pots, made from Red Earthenware Clay with White Slip and Clear Glaze. 

Thumb Pot, made from Grey Stoneware Clay. I altered the shape of a basic thumb pot, by changing the form of the rim. Decorated with Black Slip and a Clear Glaze.

Thumb Pot, made from Grey Stoneware Clay. I altered the shape of a basic thumb pot, by adding a base.
I decorated it by adding Green and Black Slip using a squeeze bottle and then added a Clear Glaze.

Plate made on a potters wheel, from Grey Stoneware Clay. I used different sized paint brushes and different colour Slips to decorate the plate. To finish I added a Clear Glaze. 

Friday, 18 May 2012

Final Pieces

So, I finally finished my final pieces, I think I went a bit mad, I had soo many ideas for where the logo could be placed, but I stuck to these... 

T-shirt based on the iconic 'I  NY' T-shirt. To in keep with natural products and a feminine target buyer, I choose 100% cotton shirt and a feminine style shirt. 
'I Love Strawberry Inc.' was screen printed.
Envelope Pillow, fabrics are all cotton. measures 40 x 40cm.

Pillow and Top.

Tote Bag - Front & Back. Made from calico and red cotton. 
'I Love Strawberry Inc.' was screen printed.
Small Strawberries on back were printed with handmade Foam Stamp.

Apron. Made from calico, red cotton, black ribbon and black lace. 
'I Love Strawberry Inc.' was screen printed.

...And Finally the Packaging. This packaging would be used for small gifts. However the Brown Bag could be used for any items bought from the 'shop' as it could be made in a range of sizes. 

Brown Bag, I chose brown as I think it gives a quirky feel, and it definitely works as seen in shops like Iota and Vinegar Hill. 'I Love Strawberry Inc.' was screen printed. The Strawberry Boxes come in 2 sizes and are made from beautiful embossed red paper, green card, brown string, a wooden button and black stick on dots.  The printed logo on the Tissue Paper was done using a handmade Foam Stamp.

Boxes from front.

Boxes from Top.
I also created a Business Card... My Inspiration came mainly from Iota's Business Card... simple yet effective!

Hope you like :) 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Font Play

As well as looking at the repeat pattern made from the logo, I experimented with different boldness and sizes of the shop name to create a pattern which could also be used for wrapping or tissue paper. 

Monday, 14 May 2012

Repeat Pattern

As mentioned on my Digital Artwork blog, (click here to see my first attempt) I tried to experiment and learn the technique of making a repeat pattern on Photoshop, this time with my logo for my graphics project.

Original Colours. Larger Version.

Original Colours, this would be great for wrapping Paper.

Using Hue/Saturation I changed the Colours of the repeat pattern above.

Again, I changed the colours, I like this version, it's quite quirky.

Original Colours but with tone. Larger Version.
Original Colours with Tone. 

Using Hue/Saturation I changed the colours of the repeat pattern above. 

Using Desaturate I create a Black and White Version. I don't really like this version. 

Friday, 11 May 2012

My Shop Name

So, when researching gift shops, I found that the names are all quite random or mean something specific to the owners so I thought of things I like, to give me a random name. This is when I came up with Strawberry Inc.
I looked at many many fonts on a website called (credit to font designer!) and this was my favourite:

I worked a long time on developing my design with different media and looked at different colours with or without tone to see what design worked best. 
This is my final logo design:
I decided to go for a pinky red and green as the complementary colours obviously work very well together.
I also gave my design no tone because it would be easier to reproduce with different media and also lots of well known logos lack tone and I thought this was a good idea, the simpler the logo, the better. 

I initially didn't have the curls on the stalk and end of the strawberry but added them to match the curls in the Font.