Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Nest of Tables.

As mentioned in my proposal I wanted a table of some sort... I found this cute nest of tables for £10... I think they already have a Shabby Chic element because of their French style legs and table top shape.

Close up.
Close up.
I sanded both tables and then repaired some areas with wood filler.
Close up.
1 coat of Duck Egg Blue Acrylic Wood & Metal Paint
3 coats of Duck Egg Blue Acrylic Wood & Metal Paint.
2 coats of White Emulsion Paint.

Final Result! I also waxed the tables! I'm not sure you can see how shiny they are in this photo. :(
Close up... shine is visible... Yay!
Table Leg Detail.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Finishing the Chair

Now to the Distressing and Comfort.

Comfort First:

I quickly sanded the chair seat so the glue would penetrate and grip the wood better. I applied masking tape to stop the glue getting on the edges of the seat. The glue I used is Contact Glue.
The glue was also applied to the foam.
I removed the masking tape and once glue was tacky I pressed the 2 sides together.
I added wadding with a staple gun.
I also added a layer of plain cotton to tidy the wadding and add extra comfort.

Close up of corners... this took ages to get a tidy look!!

Finally I added my fabric.

Done... well nearly...

I added plain pink cotton to tidy the underside.

To create the distress look, I first scraped the corners and edges using a stripper tool then sanded those areas using coarser sand paper. This allowed the base coat and some of the wood to come through. I sanded away areas I thought would get naturally worn.

Ta Dahhh...

Final Result! I also waxed the chair to make it smooth and shiny!