Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Automatic Drawing

We had an Automatic Drawing Session which included drawing to music in an abstract and not figurative way. To be honest it was quite difficult at first, especially because you had to clear your mind and kind of let the music control your hand and drawings. 
Final Outcome - Acrylic on Paper.

Stage 4 - Mini Final done with acrylic based on developed idea 2 (Top Right).

Stage 3 - I developed compostions based on my drawings from Stage 1 and mostly based on my bigger drawing (Stage 2).

Stage 2 - Drawing to a longer piece of music on an A2 sheet. I used chalks and crayons, I tried to vary my mark makings, depending on the music.

Stage 1 - The 3 images above are some examples of my first automatic drawings. Considering they were drawn to very different pieces of music, my drawings are quite similar and so I think they show that I found clearing my mind and doing this technique hard at first.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Painting Unit

This is a selection of photos and scans of my favourite parts of my sketch book from the Painting Unit.

Close up of Duck Painting (Done with Watercolours on Watercolour Paper)
Dysperse Dyes:
Design Painted onto Printing Paper.

Design Transferred onto Polyester Fabric.

During this project I discovered a great Illustrator called Stina Perrson. Some of her work really reminds me of Andy Warhol's early style, which makes sense because she says one of her favourite artist was in fact Warhol.

My favourite works are her watercolour pieces, I love the way she masks areas of the paper, into shapes and so the paintings below are based on her style.
I also used unnatural colours for a portrait, in keeping with her style.  

Oil Experiments: