Friday, 21 December 2012

Life Drawing

So the life drawing sessions are now over, thought I would post some more of my drawings... 

Using Graphite, in a Cubist Style, Inspiration from
Picasso's Woman Playing the Mandolin (1910).
I used straight lines, tone and repetition of shapes.
Looking at Tone, done with Graphite.
Done with Graphite.

Done with Graphite.
Fine Liner Sketch, Inspiration from Van Gogh's Sorrow.

Oil Pastels on Black Paper - Abstract Style, I sketched in mostly areas of
light with light skin tones and pinks.

Oil Pastels on Black Paper - Realistic Style. I really enjoyed using oil pastels,
 I hadn't really used them before. 

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Friday, 14 December 2012

So this week I took my chosen photo and enlarged it to A3 Size. Then traced it with a fine line. Then using the traced version I scanned it into Photoshop and rubbed away any mistakes, after that I opened the image into Adobe Illustrated where I used 'Live Trace' to get more bold and defined lines. 

I then photocopied this and pinned it onto my fabric. I used it as a guide to stitch my design onto the fabric with the sewing machine. I used the embroidery foot. 

Live Traced Image. 
Photo of First Stage of Stitching, I edited the levels on Photoshop to give it more of a digital feel. After stitching over the paper I had to pick out the paper carefully, most of it tore away easily.

I hand stitched the eyes, and nostrils. For the eye-liner, I used Satin Stitch.

Photoshop Effects - I used the Hue/Saturation Tool to change the Colours. 

Friday, 7 December 2012

Photo Shoot!

Ok so here are photos of each outfit and some of my favourites. I used Photoshop to edit each one of these.

Outfit 1.

Outfit 2.

Outfit 3.

Outfit 4.

Outfit 5.

Outfit 6.

Outfit 7.
My favourite outfit is number 7. I decided that this is the outfit I would most like to recreate in embroidery and stitch form. The photo above is the one I will use, I like the pose and the thickness of the pattern in the cardigan, the detailed feathers in the top and lastly the glasses. Also there is just enough clothes to not overpower the image for when I recreate the jumper in embroidery.

Some more edited photos ... Hope you like :)

And some crazy colour versions! ;)

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New Plan

After coming across Izziyana Suhaimi, I decided that I want my final piece to be an embroidery piece. I am first going to do a fashion shoot and create some interesting images that I could recreate in Stitch Form. 
So, I purposely chose interesting clothes such as a fur gilet, pom pom scarf, leopard print skirt, woolly cardigans etc for my model. The other reason for the fashion Shoot was to show where the Human Form theme comes in. 

Friday, 23 November 2012

Izziyana Suhaimi

Okay, I have just come across an AMAZING ARTIST! and just by accident, her name is Izziyana Suhaimi, I think she is one of my new favourite artists!! 
Here are examples of her work, all credit to her obviously! 
She manages to incorporate embroidery into pencil drawings and watercolour paintings.

Check out her site here

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Paper/Fabric Collage and Embroidery

This week I played with Paper Collage again but this time used embroidery too. I used my life drawings as a template. I used embroidery thread to outline different shapes. 

To avoid ripping the paper, I made the holes first, by placing a sponge under the paper and piercing it with a needle. 

Paper Collage with Embroidery.
I used Cross Stitch under the breast, Seeding Stitch under the collar bone, a lot of Straight Stitch and a Patchwork Style near the Belly Button. 

I then also tried Paper and Fabric Collage:
Paper and Fabric Collage with Embroidery.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Life Drawing.

Since coming back to college we have been having Life Drawing Classes every Friday, I can definitely see an improvement in my work.
So, I thought I would show you some of my most recent drawings.

Done using Fine Liner. I created tone with the crosshatch technique.

Done using Graphite Stick, and the edge of the stick to create Tone.
Done using Graphite Stick.

Done with Graphite Stick.
I experimented with different mediums and created 3 different versions of the drawing above. For the Ink Drawings I Used 3 different pots of ink, one pure ink, one very watered down, one slightly watered down. My favourite is the Watercolour version, I also had the most fun doing that one. 

Ink, I didn't wait for each layer of ink to dry and used a very wet brush and so got a very watery effect. 
Ink, here I waited for each layer to dry and so got a more bold, line drawing. I prefer this one to the one above. 

Watercolours and Ink.
My watercolour and ink painting is based on the Painting below that I found on Pinterest...

Marie 2, (2010) By Raluca Vulcan.'s by an Artist called Raluca Vulcan, you can see more of her works here

Friday, 9 November 2012

Paper Illustrations and Kat Macleod

Ok so you guys should definately check out Kat Macleod! She and 2 of her bestfriends, Simone Elder and Chloe Quigley run the Ortolan Graphic Design Studio, in Australia, which they established in 2006. 

Her are some examples of her work... 

I took inspiration from her work and tried to create a illustration in her style. I used the photo below of my sister as a bases. I used fine liner to outline my drawing, watercolours to paint the hair, face and skin and fabric and inky paper (I made by soaking paper with water and dropping different coloured inks on to it) for the clothing and accessories. 

Photo I based Illustration on.
Illustration 1 - Fabric for bow in Hair and Ribbon for Waist. 

Illustrations 2 - Fabric for bust (tied with black cotton in the middle). 

Illustration 1 - Close up.

Illustration 2 - Close up.