Friday, 7 December 2012

Photo Shoot!

Ok so here are photos of each outfit and some of my favourites. I used Photoshop to edit each one of these.

Outfit 1.

Outfit 2.

Outfit 3.

Outfit 4.

Outfit 5.

Outfit 6.

Outfit 7.
My favourite outfit is number 7. I decided that this is the outfit I would most like to recreate in embroidery and stitch form. The photo above is the one I will use, I like the pose and the thickness of the pattern in the cardigan, the detailed feathers in the top and lastly the glasses. Also there is just enough clothes to not overpower the image for when I recreate the jumper in embroidery.

Some more edited photos ... Hope you like :)

And some crazy colour versions! ;)

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