Saturday, 13 October 2012

Illustration Workshop

This week, it's Illustration but! interactive or movable illustration!

So I chose POP-UP! For the human form aspect, I designed 2 characters based on my parents. The story will be also be based on how they met. 

My inspiration came from the HJ Story... which is the cutest thing I have come across! :) 

Daily Dosage of Love and Smile
HJ Story started as a blog on Tumblr in May 2010. But before that it began with a few photo sms messages that the artist would send to his girlfriend, purely for fun. As he claims “I was never goo with expressing though spoken words…” he then created the blog, which included all the drawings he had done, as a surprise gift for his girlfriend's upcoming birthday. The blog was intended to be personal, but a friend of his posted it on twitter and he started to get followers. He now shares his doodles on Facebook, deviantART and Twitter

HJ Story
1 + 1

This Pop-up Book I came across online, also really inspired me. It was made by paper artist Jackie Huang, for a Student, Chris in New York City.  He wanted a special way to propose to his girlfriend, Julia. Chris worked alongside Jackie to create a pop-up book, which included all the important elements of Chris’s and Julia’s relationship. Chris proposed on March 29 2012 and Julia said yes!
Pop-up Book Scene By Jackie Huang.
Pop-up Book Scene By Jackie Huang.
Check out her work...

My Main Character - Man

My Main Character - Girl.
Here are photos of my finished Pop-Up Book. I used different coloured card, pencil crayons and a bit of glitter. :)

Page 1 - Love at First Sight.
Pop-up Bench & Man.

Page 2 - Engagement/Proposal.
Pop-up Ring.
Close-up of Pop-up Ring.

Page 3 - Wedding.
Pop-up Wedding Cake.
Close-up of Whole Cake.


Page 4 - Honeymoon in Paris.
Pop-up Eiffel Tower.

Close-up of Pop-up.

As you can see the characters change slightly page by page, I did this by tracing the main characters above and altering clothing and hair where needed. 
I created my own pop-ups by working from photos of pop-ups I found online and looking at some tutorials online. 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Assemblage Workshop

This week, it was Assemblage, it meant we could create paper collages, fabric collages and even digital collages.

I chose to go with fabric collages, my main inspiration came from one particular life drawing session, where we had to draw without looking at the paper. 
Life Drawing without looking at the paper.

These drawings remind me of an embroidery stitch, particularly the drawing in the middle. Therefore this is where my idea came from.

I also looked at artist Claire Coles, who creates some beautiful sewn scenes using a mix of vintage wallpaper and fabrics. Also I recommend you check her out too!

Here are some examples of her work: 

These works based on girls link the most to my work for this workshop. 

Her designs are also printed onto mugs and pocket mirrors. She also makes bird shaped brooches.

Her most famous designs include birds and flowers. 

And my final piece...

Hope you like :)