Sunday, 7 October 2012

Assemblage Workshop

This week, it was Assemblage, it meant we could create paper collages, fabric collages and even digital collages.

I chose to go with fabric collages, my main inspiration came from one particular life drawing session, where we had to draw without looking at the paper. 
Life Drawing without looking at the paper.

These drawings remind me of an embroidery stitch, particularly the drawing in the middle. Therefore this is where my idea came from.

I also looked at artist Claire Coles, who creates some beautiful sewn scenes using a mix of vintage wallpaper and fabrics. Also I recommend you check her out too!

Here are some examples of her work: 

These works based on girls link the most to my work for this workshop. 

Her designs are also printed onto mugs and pocket mirrors. She also makes bird shaped brooches.

Her most famous designs include birds and flowers. 

And my final piece...

Hope you like :)

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