Saturday, 29 September 2012

Painting Workshop

This weeks workshop is Painting, but here's the catch... 
...without a brush! :/
I decided to try out watercolours and inks, mainly because I don't use them that often and I think using them well can create some lovely art! ;)

Seeing as the aim was to create a painting without using a brush I looked for drippy style ink and watercolour art. That's how I came across Marc Allante! 

Seriously visit his website, he is very talented and creates some beautiful art! I can't even pick a favourite so here are some examples: 

A Portrait of Hong Kong, (2012) Ink.
A Pollock's Point Break, Ink.

Pour Deux, Ink.

And so I used a similar style, I experimented with ink and watercolour by either letting it drip down the page 
with gravity or by directing it by blowing through as straw, or by using a hair dryer. I also used a sponge with the watercolour paints.

Black & Coloured Ink. Black ink was applied using a stick and coloured inks were splashed on, with drawing held vertically.

Final Painting for this workshop. This was based on a photo of my sister. I used a mix of watercolour and inks, the watercolour to paint the face was applied with a sponge and so it was easier to blend and create tone. The inks were applied with a stick and moved by blowing through a straw.

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