Saturday, 15 September 2012

Fashion Workshop

So as you can see this weeks workshop was fashion, the aim was to produce either a shoe or neck piece, and the item didn't have to be functional, it could be mainly sculptural. It needs to be made from recycled materials and scraps. 

Although I found a few very interesting shoes (like below) I was most drawn to the idea of making a neck piece. 
Shoe by Kobi Levi, plenty more of her creative designs at

Shoe by Julian Hakes. More at
I found lots of very creative designs for neck pieces some, simple silver jewellery but creative in design, others creative in the material choice. 
Sharpening Necklace -  Blue By Victoria Mason.

I Heart Necklace By Victoria Mason.

By Doris Jurzak, she uses coloured PVC sheets. 
But I was mainly influenced by sculptural jewellery designer Marjorie Schick! 
I was drawn to her work because of its exaggerated scale, shapes and her use of bold, bright colours. her main materials are painted wood and paper mache. She also creates headdresses, ringsbracelets, earrings and shoes

My Favourite! 

To see more of her work click here.

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