Saturday, 22 September 2012

Lens Based Workshop

This weeks project was lens based (human form is still the theme) which meant we could play with Photography and produce a series of photographs or even a single photograph.... orrrrr we could create a Time Laps Animation, by taking many photos and putting them together to create a film. I chose photography mainly because I haven't really experimented with photography before.  

I took most inspiration from 2 famous photographers, Bill Brandt & Tono Stano, (www.tonostano.comboth quite similar in high contrast monochrome style and subject; the female nude. 

I love the strong contrast in both their works, my favourite Brandt is...

... and Stano is...

Sense (1992)
I wanted to create a similar photograph and so high in contrast, black and white and the human form will come from my female model. I chose a female model because I think the female figure has more curves which in my opinion would be nicer to photography especially close-ups. 

Some of my favourite photos... 

And here is my Final Photo...

... my initial idea was to capture the human form through one of the lenses in a pair of glasses and play with focus. But I ended up playing with the shadows created by the female form instead. I had a lot of fun whilst taking the photos and I managed to create some very interesting shapes with the help of different poses and carefully positioned lights. I think my photos are interesting and fun because they are abstract and you can interpret them any way you like, for example to me, my final photo reminds me of a tulip flower. 

I edited my photos slightly by using Photoshop to Desaturate the image to make it black and white and adjusting the Curves and Levels to create more contrast.

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