Friday, 9 November 2012

Paper Illustrations and Kat Macleod

Ok so you guys should definately check out Kat Macleod! She and 2 of her bestfriends, Simone Elder and Chloe Quigley run the Ortolan Graphic Design Studio, in Australia, which they established in 2006. 

Her are some examples of her work... 

I took inspiration from her work and tried to create a illustration in her style. I used the photo below of my sister as a bases. I used fine liner to outline my drawing, watercolours to paint the hair, face and skin and fabric and inky paper (I made by soaking paper with water and dropping different coloured inks on to it) for the clothing and accessories. 

Photo I based Illustration on.
Illustration 1 - Fabric for bow in Hair and Ribbon for Waist. 

Illustrations 2 - Fabric for bust (tied with black cotton in the middle). 

Illustration 1 - Close up.

Illustration 2 - Close up.

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