Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Life Drawing.

Since coming back to college we have been having Life Drawing Classes every Friday, I can definitely see an improvement in my work.
So, I thought I would show you some of my most recent drawings.

Done using Fine Liner. I created tone with the crosshatch technique.

Done using Graphite Stick, and the edge of the stick to create Tone.
Done using Graphite Stick.

Done with Graphite Stick.
I experimented with different mediums and created 3 different versions of the drawing above. For the Ink Drawings I Used 3 different pots of ink, one pure ink, one very watered down, one slightly watered down. My favourite is the Watercolour version, I also had the most fun doing that one. 

Ink, I didn't wait for each layer of ink to dry and used a very wet brush and so got a very watery effect. 
Ink, here I waited for each layer to dry and so got a more bold, line drawing. I prefer this one to the one above. 

Watercolours and Ink.
My watercolour and ink painting is based on the Painting below that I found on Pinterest...

Marie 2, (2010) By Raluca Vulcan.'s by an Artist called Raluca Vulcan, you can see more of her works here

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