Friday, 11 May 2012

My Shop Name

So, when researching gift shops, I found that the names are all quite random or mean something specific to the owners so I thought of things I like, to give me a random name. This is when I came up with Strawberry Inc.
I looked at many many fonts on a website called (credit to font designer!) and this was my favourite:

I worked a long time on developing my design with different media and looked at different colours with or without tone to see what design worked best. 
This is my final logo design:
I decided to go for a pinky red and green as the complementary colours obviously work very well together.
I also gave my design no tone because it would be easier to reproduce with different media and also lots of well known logos lack tone and I thought this was a good idea, the simpler the logo, the better. 

I initially didn't have the curls on the stalk and end of the strawberry but added them to match the curls in the Font.

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